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Lion’s mane – The Smart Mushroom

Lion’s mane – The Smart Mushroom

Lion’s mane or pom pom mushroom is one of the most fascinating mushroom in the medicinal mushroom world. Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) is an edible and medicinal mushroom that grows on trees.

The things that lion’s mane does is so unique and so amazing. Lion’s mane is a mushroom that offers cognitive enhancement and nerve regeneration. A study from the School of Life Sciences, Jilin University, China provide evidence that Lion’s mane with its neuroprotective activity may be effective for the treatment or prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lion’s mane like other medicinal mushrooms contain high amounts of beta glucan and polysaccharides having a significant impact on enhancing immune system and decreasing tumor growth. According to a study from the Department of Biological Science, Ajou University, Republic of Korea. Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts inhibit metastasis of cancer cells to the lung in colon cancer-tansplanted mice.

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Paul Stamets Benefits of Lion’s Mane

Hi there!

This may be the first smart mushroom. This mushroom contains a unique group of compounds called erinacines and hericenones. These regenerate myelin on the axons and the reason why I say it may be the first smart mushroom is, recent research shows that this mushroom helps people fight cognitive dysfunction related to dementia.

There’s very interesting studies about the regeneration of myelin and the reduction of amyloid plaques. Amyloid plaques interfere with neurotransmission the symptomatic of Alzheimer’s patients.

We do not know whether these will be helpful in fighting or limiting Alzheimer’s and other forms of neurological dementia, but the evidence so far is very enticing. And I think we all need to maintain our wits especially as we get older and I think we can all benefit from being a little bit more intelligent than we are, especially with the years of experience that we gather over a lifetime to pass it down to the next generation.

So I’m hoping that this mushroom will make me and my friends smarter.

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