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Maitake – The Mushroom of Immunity

Maitake – The Mushroom of Immunity

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Maitake or Grifola frondosa grows at the foot of Oak, Elm, and Maple trees, in America and Asia. In Japan, the Maitake mushroom can grow to more than 100 lb (45 kg), that’s why we call it the “king of mushrooms”. It’s a mushroom that has always been part of Asian natural medicine.

Maitake is the mushroom of immunity. It is able to stimulate the defenses of the immune system thanks to its high concentration in beta-glucan. Maitake increases the “killer cells” that defend our body.

Did you know that according to Noriko Kodama, PhD, Kiyoshi Komuta, MD, PhD, and Hiroaki Nanba, PhD, maitake shows strong anticancer activity by increasing immune-competent cell activity. A combination of MDfraction and whole maitake powder was investigated to determine its effectiveness for 22 to 57 year-old cancer patients in stages II, III and IV. Cancer regression or significant symptom improvement was observed in 58.3 percent of liver cancer patients, 68.8 percent of breast cancer patients, and 62.5 percent of lung cancer patients. The trial found a less than 10- 20 percent improvement for leukemia, stomach cancer, and brain cancer patients.

Other studies report significant improvement in blood sugar levels in type II diabetes patients and ovulation in patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Maitake is useful in regulating blood pressure, insulin levels and cholesterol. Maitake may also be useful in weight loss.

A study from Sensuke Konno from the Department of Urology, New York Medical College, demonstrated that taking Maitake mushroom with vitamin C increase its anti-tumor activities.

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Benefits of Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushroom, otherwise known as Sheepshead, is a mushroom that belongs to both the culinary class and the medicinal class. So is both nutritious delicious and very medicinal. Maitake mushroom is considered a polypore mushroom and science has shown that most polypores contain very powerful anti-cancer, anti-tumorous and antiviral properties.

There immunomodulators so they help our immune system adapt to situations as well as increase their production of natural killer cells and T cells.

So as a medicinal mushroom in a culinary nutritious mushroom, I want to talk to you about few the specific and surprising benefits of this mushroom.

Perhaps the most basic benefit of maitake mushroom is that it contains high levels of vitamin D 2 and while D 2 is in some ways inferior to vitamin D 3, it is a very important vitamin that in high doses or the right doses can prevent rickets, and in adults osteomalacia.

Maitake mushroom contains a specific fungus cell membrane known as ergosterol and this specific compound, once it touches light, converts to what we know as vitamin d2 and as I mentioned vitamin d2 can’t have positive health benefits on the body specifically related to rickets and bone health

Now perhaps the most profound benefit of maitake is its ability to improve immune function. So it’s not just an immune stimulatory where it’s exciting the immune system, but it’s actually making the immune system more intelligent.

Studies show that maitake mushroom consumption can actually improve the secretion of natural killer cells which in studies show that they can actually kill off cancer cells. They actually stimulate the production of helper T cells and many other beneficial immune cells, which basically make your immune system incredibly more resilient in the face of viruses, even cancer cells, diseases and even viral infections.

Its anti-cancerous benefits can be traced back or attributed to a compound known as d fraction which is said to be the main reason or the causing factor of the secretion of natural killer cells. in fact d fraction in studies shown to actually inhibit the growth in the repopulation of cancer cells in both in the kidney and the bladder.

Maitake mushroom is also an incredible anti-aging substance. It contains very high levels of antioxidants, specifically flavonoids, phenols, vitamin C and vitamin E. And all of these actually help prevent the breakdown of our cells or the deterioration of our cells from oxidative stress and oxidative damage.

Lastly perhaps the most praised benefit of maitake mushroom and why it’s most commonly used throughout the world, specifically in Chinese medicine, is its ability to balance the blood sugar. It is an incredible tonic to help prevent or even reverse issues like hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and even diabetes and that’s because it naturally inhibits the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which actually is the main active constituent in most medications and drugs taken by diabetics.

So if you are a diabetic and you’re looking for a more natural approach to remedying your disease balancing your blood sugar then I highly recommend supplementing with maitake along with the holistic lifestyle and the work of a holistic practitioner or Chinese medicine herbalist or practitioner.

If you’re interested in learning more about this nutritious food be for its culinary uses or some medicinal tonic properties then I suggest clicking the link below you.

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