Eight tips for a flat stomach

Eight tips for a flat stomach

Are you working hard at the gym for a flat stomach? We are giving you eight tips for a flat belly.

Start with strength training

Strength training is ideal for developing stronger abdominal muscles. For example, by squatting and dead-lifting you can contract the entire belly region. As a result, you will begin to lose weight all over your body!

Eat less

A flat stomach is not a matter of a lot of abdominal exercises, but of a low fat percentage. Your abdominal muscles only become visible under a fat percentage of 12% on average. You reach a low fat percentage by losing weight. And you lose weight by eating fewer calories than you need.

Drink more water

By drinking more water you suppress the feeling of hunger, which means that you will eat less. Drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses and a maximum of sixteen 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

Don’t do abdominal exercises every day

You do not lose belly fat simply by doing abdominal exercises every day. You get a flat stomach as I indicated earlier by a low fat percentage. Abdominal exercises are only important for strengthening your abdominal muscles. By doing 100 abdominal exercises every day, you will not really develop a six-pack.

Sleep more

Get 8 Hours Sleep – Research after research has shown that people with less sleep are more prone to being fat.

Do not use too much salt

To much salt causes water retention, making your six-pack less visible.

Eat more proteins

Proteins are important for muscle recovery and muscle building. To strengthen your muscles, it is important to provide your body with enough protein. Furthermore, proteins provide a feeling of satiety.

Keep smiling

Do not forget to smile! Every time you laugh, you train all your abdominal muscles. There are even laughter classes within yoga for a stronger core.

Follow these tips and you will have that six-pack in no time!

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