How To Lose Love Handles Fast

How To Lose Love Handles Fast

The best way to lose love handles fast would be through your diet. But I have to warn you though that this diet program will be extremely tough to do and follow through with. You have to throw caution to the wind, get down and dirty and have laser like focus. If you don’t have these qualities then you won’t be able to lose your love handles fast.

You have to look at love handles as something like a parasite. They just sit there and feed and feed. They usually only get bigger no matter how much weight you lose. Am I right? Think about it for a second because when you lose weight, your body might change, but your love handles stay put. How does that make you feel? Pretty annoyed don’t you think. It’s like no matter what you do, they just stay there. That’s why you literally need to come out with guns blazing and stop them right in their tracks with a hardcore but smart dieting plan. Here are some rules that you need to follow in order to be successful.

Rule #1: Cut out all sugars. This is a big part to your love handle problem. Now you might be thinking to yourself that you don’t eat sweets. That’s fine but do you realize that there is sugar in almost everything? And this includes high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is so bad for your body and your health. Plus your love handles love this fake stuff. They eat it up. And the bad part is high fructose corn syrup is found in almost everything so check the back of your labels.

Rule #2: Start eating more protein. Protein is so big when it comes to your diet and losing your love handles fast. Protein is 30% more thermogenic than carbohydrates or fats. What this means is your body has to burn extra amounts of calories just to break down the protein you ingest into simpler forms. It’s almost like the more protein you eat, the more calories you burn. This is awesome news because the chances of your body converting the extra protein to fat are almost nonexistent. However, the same cannot be said for carbs or fats.

Rule #3: Break up your meals into 5-6 a day. Eating 5-6 small meals a day will ensure you get all of your nutrients in for the day. It will also help to keep your metabolism burning throughout the day and keep you full. The worst thing while on a diet is cravings and the feeling of being hungry. No one wants to feel like this because it increases your chances of falling off the wagon and cheating on your diet. So breakup your caloric intake into 5-6 small meals a day.

Rule #4: You’re only allowed a maximum of 100 carbs or less per day that’s it. The truth is a lot of use don’t really need to be having a lot of carbohydrates in our diets. The only people that can get away with a lot of carbs is someone who has an extremely fast metabolism, a young person, someone who is very lean and with a lot muscle mass, or a professional athlete who is training twice a day. That’s it. If you are not one of these people, then you don’t need to eat a lot of carbs. Your body just won’t use them because it won’t need them. Therefore any extra carbs you ingest will be directly converted into adipose tissue, AKA fat that would be stored in your love handles. Not the ideal situation if you ask me. So what you need to do is limit your carbohydrate intake, specifically breads and pasta from your diet and only have healthy carbs in the form of fruits, nuts, veggies, and legumes right before your workout. This is the perfect time to have your carbs because I can almost promise you that your body will use them up for energy as opposed to storing them around your spare tire.

Rule #5: Every 7 days throw in 1 fasting day. Now during this fasting day, you are to consume nothing but water or coffee. However for some people it is really hard to do so I’ll tell them that they can have a maximum of 5 protein shakes of 1 scoop per day. This will give them some sustenance to get through the day while still burning a tremendous amount of calories. The fasting day serves to turbo charge your fat loss results and blast away your love handles fast. Plus the other great benefits is it allows your digestive system to take break and it increases insulin sensitivity for the coming days. You want to be as insulin sensitive as possible when it comes to losing your love handles. This makes sure that you’re burning mostly fat for fuel and not anything else. That is why I love fast days because I can lose up to ¾ a pound of fat in one day. Heck, you can even do this twice a week if you can handle it. It’s quite tough but it will definitely speed up your results.

Rule #6: Have a cheat meal once every 7 days. The cheat meal serves to keep your metabolism rocking sky high for the next 7 days. It sort of resets everything. You see the other big problem for people when trying to lose their love handles is when they restrict their calories and go on a diet for a long period of time, their metabolism and weight loss will invariably slow down. This happens and is expected. But it is because of a hormone called leptin. Leptin is positively correlated with metabolism and will decrease in periods of starvation. To increase leptin levels and to therefore increase your metabolism, the fastest and best way is to have a c heat meal once every 7 days containing a high amount of carbohydrates. A good example would be steak rice, fruit and maybe some dessert. This will create a burst of insulin, which will then increase your insulin levels and therefore your metabolism. Plus it doesn’t hurt to indulge a little bit once a week to keep your sanity right?

So as you can see, the best way to lose love handles fast is with a strict dieting plan that starves your love handles and forces them shrink away right before your eyes.

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