Tips to help you lose weight

Tips to help you lose weight

Everywhere, you can see tips to help you lose weight, but what can you believe?

Last week, I used to be in the check-out line at the supermarket and saw the cover of a magazine. The headline read: “Breakthrough! WEIGHT LOSS Supplement!”, and beneath it said, “95% of us do not get enough. Safely increase your consumption and:

*Lose 5 pounds in a week!

*Burn 30% more body fat every day!

The magazine was Woman’s World.

Being in the business of health, fitness, diet and weight loss, this claim intrigued me therefore I bought the magazine and read the article when I got home.

Very briefly, here’s what the article had to say: Most people do not get enough Vitamin C, and Vitamin C can help your body burn more unwanted fat.

Now, this was interesting, and since I believe most people don’t get the nutrients they need, I used to be willing to go along with the thought of increasing your normal intake of Vitamin C, either by increasing the amount of foods such as orange juice, which is good for you in any case and it contains a lot of Vitamin C, or by use of Vitamin C supplements.

The info in this article made sense, and, when I did a little independent online investigation, I found that apparently the article was reasonably accurate. I don’t have a particular problem with the information in this article, and agree that increasing Vitamin C could help someone lose weight.

This brings us to the slightly exaggerated title of this article.

Every day, it seems we are bombarded with all these promises about weight loss, fat loss, diets and health. One person says their pill will deal with cortisol, which is the cause of weight gain. Another says their diet will “melt” the fat. Someone else wants to hypnotize you, and that will do the job. The covers of many other magazines at the checkout the day I bought my magazine got different tips, diets, and weight reduction solutions.

All these people can’t be telling the truth, can they?

Is weight gain the consequence of cortisol, poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough Vitamin C, lack of sleep, stress, too much beverage, or just bad genes?

Actually, the answer to both questions is, “Yes…sort of…”

The actual biological process by which people get fat is known. The perfect solution is also known, and it doesn’t have much to do with Supplement C, cortisol, genes, or a great deal of other things…directly.

A runner who wants to run faster gets there by training at jogging and trying to perform faster. However, that runner can also strengthen his or her hip and legs by using weight training. They can improve their performance, or simply reach their goal faster, by eating a certain type of diet…maybe even making changes in that diet at different points of their training or competition plan. If stress is inhibiting their performance, learning to meditate will help them put that stress behind them or at least alleviate it enough so that their times improve. If their home life or working arrangements is such that it interferes with their training, rest, or diet, then making a big change in those areas may enhance their athletic performance.

Even so, the main thing in their running training is…running!  Everything else just helps with the speed of development or the amount of improvement that is eventually made.

The same thing applies to most weight loss situations and so-called solutions. Increasing physical activity and eating reasonably will be the two major things that lead to healthy, permanent weight loss. If, in your exercise program, you choose to add Vitamin C, or get more sleep, or take something which reduces the effects of cortisol, or give up your job because it interferes with your weight loss program, then you will likely enhance the results. You will eventually lose more weight, lose the weight a bit faster, or simply find the whole process easier. However, the major portion of the weight reduction (and improved health and enjoyment of life), comes from the basics of exercise and diet.

So what about individuals who DID lose weight by breathing properly, or taking Vitamin C, or adding green tea to their diet?

People are all different, and so are the reality and factors of their life-style, education, upbringing, and genetic makeup. Somebody who is one dress size bigger than she desires to be may get all the weight loss she needs from increasing HER Supplement C intake. That does NOT mean that every girl will experience the SAME results. Another woman may need to lose much more than one dress size, and taking Vitamin C, while it might help her shed a few pounds and be more healthy overall, will probably NOT produce anywhere near the total results she hopes to achieve. If, however, she IS doing the right things to bring about fat loss, adding a Supplement of vitamin C may speed up the process a little and help get her to her goal just a little faster,

Just like in the title of the article, the key phrase in all these promises is “help” whether it is stated or merely implied. In the event that you want healthy, permanent weight loss, you must exercise and eat healthy foods. All the other things are just helping.

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