Walking for Exercise

Walking for Exercise

Exercise is good for our health. If you name any random 10 medical conditions and illnesses, I’m willing to bet money that some form of regular training is a good treatment or preventative solution for at least 9 of them. Diet and exercise pop up as treatments and preventative measures in so many of the diseases that bother us today, and both of these aspects are a good place to focus on if you’re worried about your health. Even just some basic walking for exercise can go a long way to increasing your health. Walking for exercise is fun, easy, and is a wonderful stress reducer.

The good thing about walking for exercise is that you can do it everywhere. You have definitely no excuse for not getting up and walking around for at least 30 minutes a day. So it’s raining outside? Take an umbrella! Seriously, just get out for a brief walk around the block a couple times and you’ll thank yourself for it later. If it’s completely miserable out, you can try the Leslie Sansone DVD series Just Walk, Walk at Home or Walk Away the Pounds.

Walking for training is incredibly low impact, and so anyone of any age can do it safely and regularly without worrying about injuring themselves. Running and other more challenging forms of workout can cause all kinds of joint pain and soreness, and isn’t recommended unless you are in usually good shape.

A lot of new studies into different forms of exercise are proving that walking is every bit as good for you as running or other more strenuous workout, you just need to do it longer. If you are walking for exercise, go for at least 20 minutes or even an hour. The more the better, as you can’t hurt yourself by walking too much.

There are a lot of training programs that are beginning to realize the benefits of walking for exercise. As it is something virtually anyone can do, there is a large target market for walking workouts. I’d recommend any program that inspires you to walk frequently. Even without one, there are hiking and walking clubs all over the place to join. Not only can walking for exercise be a way to maintain great health, but it can be a good way to meet new people and form new social networks.

With so many benefits and virtually no cons, you can’t go wrong with walking for training. Its only drawback is that it takes time to do, but it is time well spent. What is the value of good health and longevity? Add walking to your daily schedule and live a better and healthier life.


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